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Subscription class

Subscription class

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We're so excited to announce UniqueLee Creation’s new subscription service where you will get exclusive content that’s not shared via email or text marketing! 🔊 For only $9.99 per month, you can have an exclusive access to contents such as: 🏪 Marketing 🎥 Behind the scenes 📈 How to grow your business, and 💸 How to start making 3 to 4 figures in their business. So it’s more than worth signing up today and getting your hands on the VIP content that we do exclusively for our subscribers. ✅ Check out my link below and sign up today!

You'll be added to our close friend's group chat, stories and more on Instagram. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
BEE Inspired Kreations
Great support and value!

I thoroughly enjoy and appreciate being a part of the UniqueLee Creations subscription group. There is so much to learn from setting up your business, engaging your community and setting up operational administration. Jill is hands on and very personable. I’m so glad I am a part of this group!!!

Renee Armstrong
Very helpful

I enjoy the class, the engagement and the assignments given to us. It keeps us accountable and I find that sharing experiences with other businesses helps us learn along the way.

Thanks so much for joining we really appreciate your feedback, and we hope to continue to satisfy your needs.

Kandace Cunningham
Amazing Class

I joined the subscription class to help me grow my business. It’s only been a short while, but I’ve learned so much. Jill really brings the knowledge to help you go further with your business. Very happy I signed up for the class.

Why thank you I'm definitely here to help you learn some new skills that you can forever have. Thans for investing your time and funds and trusting me.