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Glass rhinestones

What are glass rhinestones?

Glass rhinestones are made of glass and formed by machine cutting. The glass itself is transparent. Manufacturers will put a layer of metal coating onto the backside of the stones, so light is able to reflect and make rhinestones shine like a diamond

What does AB mean in rhinestones?
Crystal Aurora Borealis
Crystal Aurora Borealis (AB) is the most beloved crystal color for dance and performance costuming. The AB coating is an iridescent, rainbow-like coating that mimics the northern lights and can be applied as on top of any standard color rhinestone.
What does gross means in rhinestones?
144 pieces
A gross is a dozen dozens, or 144 pieces, whether you're quantifying rhinestones, shoe boxes or bolts of fabric. Rhinestones are often packaged in units of gross or dozens by the manufacturer. 10 gross = 1,440 pieces or 100 gross =14,440 pieces. 

Our rhinestones will add elegance and glamour to all your projects. Made from high quality glass, these rhinestones are durable and secure. Our rhinestones come in variety of colors and sizes. If you're looking for filler stones, make sure to check out our variety packs SS4-SS12). 




SS20 =5MM

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I would like a red pair


I just recently placed an order of multiple packages of GLASS stones for various projects but can’t find the variety pack for fillers Can you assist me PLEASE

Ms Dee

Do we have to send you our tennis shoes 👟 or you have Them we pay you for the tennis and our design we want how long does it take 🤔 to complete the order how much time in advance do you need say like if need them my say April

Fayedell smoots

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