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Glues for shoes

In my bling shoe journey. I've used many glues. I've used E6000,Multi grab 360, Liquid fusion and the newest is Krystal glaze. 

Krystal glaze- The current glue I use and I love it. It comes with a precision tip which gives you better control of the glue. This glue has a low odor compare to E6000 which was the main glue I did use. 

I have a 10% off code  ( UL10) for you to try the Krystal glaze glue Krystal Glaze Glue – Krowned Krystals

E6000 glue- The glue holds really well , strong odor and get's the job done. I recently stopped using the glue because it caused me and others in my house to have bad headaches.

E600+- This glue has a sweeter smell and easier to work with than the original glue . This glue is more liquid base than the original as well. You have to make sure the rhinestones don't move as you're working. 

Liquid fusion- Liquid fusion will work correctly for the rubber toe of the shoe if prepped correctly. If you do use it on your main canvas of the shoe, ( cloth material) from my experience it wasn't flexible so rhinestones popped off. The glue is more runny so you'll need to make sure you have control. 


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