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Zodiac custom shoes

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If you're not a Gemini that is okay. You can customize your shoe to any zodiac sign you want including colors.

The most exclusive of all bling custom converse. From the finest of materials, these limited -edition shoes will surely be a collector's item. We offer a variety of bling customization options including glass rhinestones, ribbon shoelaces and customizations.

If you're on the waiting list, you'll be contacted via e-mail when you're up next.  All rhinestones are hand place one by one.  All shoe orders are currently processing up to 12 weeks.  Payments plans are available. Shoes are included in the price. When placing your orders make sure to be very detailed in the order section. Add your colors if shoe color is not available. Also add what you'll like on the laces and anything else. ALL SALES ARE FINAL! Thanks so much for your support.


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